10 January, 2010

Life Lesson # 823: Prom Isn't Just for High School

Going to the annual Dinner / Dance for work reminds me a lot of getting ready for Prom.   My corporate "Prom" usually consists of dinner, a photographer, company business, then a band and dancing.  Lots of people buy new stuff and dress really fancy for this event; then there's some of us that spiff up a bit; and there's others that I've seen dress down (one year someone wore a pair of jeans to the event).  Just like way-back-when in high school.

Even my preparations for the event are similar.  And we're carpooling with friends - always more fun! - although they have to go a bit early, since I'm responsible for holding some tables for my division.  We'll still have a good time chatting while we're waiting for the festivities to commence.

Pre-Prom Preparations:
  • Make sure the camera is charged - check
  • Shave legs - check (not that anyone but me will know - and Greg, since he got a cold shower because I used up all the hot water (thanks for bringing me the shaving lotion, honey!))
  • Apply smelly lotion - check (got to keep the newly bare legs moisturized so they don't turn scaly)
  • Apply toenail polish - check (did this last weekend, when Stacy and I went for pedicures)
  • Determine wardrobe - check (decided that I want to be comfortable, so I'm wearing slacks; went shopping this afternoon for a work-worthy, dressy top - no way am I going to spend a minor fortune on an outfit that I'll only wear once... I suppose in this, I'm a little different than I used to be)
  • Hit the car wash - check (got to have a clean ride, and to make sure the back seats are cleaned out for our passengers)
  • Wiggle into figure enhancing undergarments - check (made sure to use the restroom first, and have to remember to drink sparingly since this rigmarole has to happen every time the pants go up or down, and hair/makeup has to be done after since this is practically a workout on its own and I'm drenched in sweat by the time I'm done - next step should be "wipe the sweat off" - check)
  • Have Greg pick top - check (brought home four, since I couldn't make up my mind at the store - fortunately they were all on sale, and they're all suitable for wearing to work - except maybe that one that's a little low-cut...  I'm not wearing that tonight, since my goal is to be dressed well *and* as comfortable as I can be - besides, Greg picked the black one)
  • Finishing touches - check (pick out jewelry; makeup is light this year: mascara and lip gloss - that's what I do for the rest of the year and I'm not confident that one night a year I can do more without looking like a clown, so I'll leave it at that.  Some year I'll get organized enough to have a pamper morning that includes someone that does makeup and hair, then get dressed and head out.)
  • Shoes, coat, drivers license and cash (or cash equivalent) - check
  • Ready to go!
Post-Prom Pictures:

We had a nice time.  Food and company were good.  Unfortunately, because it was so dark in the room the best pictures aren't of the people, but the decorations.  Oh well.  There's always Prom next year!

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