30 December, 2009

Remodel Update: Office Progress - Texture

Now it's time to texture the walls.  Since we didn't take the shelves down, Greg put up visqueen to protect what little remains in the office.  Those slabs of sheetrock are starting to looks more and more like real walls.  It's fascinating to watch the progress.

It seems that even texturing the walls takes more than one go 'round.  Apparently the sprayer can put out larger, lumpy bits that aren't very attractive.  So you scrape the big bits off, then go again.  Two times?  Three?  I'm not sure - probably two.  I mean, how lumpy to you really want a wall to be??

This weekend should see the end of the texture phase and have us moving right into painting.  Greg asked me a while ago what color we're going to paint the walls.  White, I said.  To match the other walls in the room.  Otherwise, we have to paint all the walls, right?  We'll use the trim, window shades, and room accessories to create the look and feel.  It's supposed to be like a bungalow in a warm, sandy region.  At least, that's where the colors came from for the window shade - and the ceiling fan matches (similar color scheme with the big leaf-like paddles).  The flooring will fit right in.  If I need anything else, I'll use trim color and wall decor to finish up.  How many more things can I not figure out that we should take care of while we're doing this?!?  Good grief!

But it will be absolutely lovely when it's done...

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