20 December, 2009

More Remodel Madness

Just because I missed a week blogging, doesn't mean we (that's mainly Greg with help from James - the Royal "We") didn't get things done on the house. It just means that I'm going to combine the progress - and pictures - of two weeks into one post.
Before Getting Started Last Weekend

We're working in the office now. The plan goes like so: sheetrock the new walls; mud the sheetrock; texture the mudded sheetrock; paint the textured, mudded sheetrock; then move stuff around so we can pull up the last of the hideous pink carpet (from that room, anyway); and finally - for this room - lay the flooring (and then move stuff around again, until it's all in its new homes - even if that's exactly where it was before, only without the hideous pink carpet).
James Working Outside the Closet

James in the Closet Again

Last weekend, Greg & James got the sheetrock on the office side of the walls. This includes the newly framed closet - but not the kitchen side of the office wall (which is fine, since we still need to work out some lighting locations before everything gets closed in). It's a little strange to have the rooms divided again, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. =)
Outside the Closet Again

My Rounded Corners w/ One Coat of Mud

This weekend, Greg got in two coats of mud. Because we opted for rounded corners (sounds like an oxymoron, right? I thought so too), it's going to take more time - but look better when it's done. At least three coats of mud to make it right - so says the handyman of the house, and who am I to argue?!?
Action Photos of Mudding

I don't know how long the whole process should take - I leave that up to people who know better than I do (Greg). According to his Facebook post, he thinks he'll be laying flooring by Christmas weekend. Two coats of mud down, and at least one to go - then there's the texture & paint, moving stuff around and pulling up carpet... Four days until the Christmas, then time on the weekend... we *might* be laying flooring (or at least ready to lay flooring) in about a week. Then again, maybe for the New Year? Either way, we're making progress!!

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