29 November, 2009

Weekend Shenanigans

We had a little setback this weekend. Greg's car quit working at some point on Thursday - Thanksgiving, of all days! He went to the store in the morning, and we used my car to go to the movies... so it came as a total surprise when he tried to go to work on Friday and the car wouldn't start. So instead of working on the remodel project on Saturday, he spent the day (with help from Todd - thanks, Todd!) working on the car. And then he spent Sunday morning getting the car towed to the dealership (thanks, Aaron & James!). I'll be taking him to work for the next few days, and he'll be at the mercy of co-workers or friends for a ride home in the afternoons (or buses or cabs).

The good news is that it should be fixable. The bad news is that this is unplanned time and money spent on the car instead of the house. Ah, well. It's not like we were thinking it'd be done this weekend anyway.

The goal for this weekend: finish moving the power to its new location, move the floor vent for the kitchen, and redirect the downstairs bathroom vent (the black PVC tube that's sticking up through what is now almost the middle of the living room). Because of the whole car-thing, they (Greg & James - thanks again, James!!) didn't get as much done as Greg had initially planned. Two more "powers" to move - one is actually a light switch, and the other a plug; and moving the vent to the downstairs bathroom.

But there's been progress. And we're a little closer to being able to frame in the new walls. I am definitely looking forward to having the new walls in place - at least so we can temporarily move the counters back into the kitchen... Stay tuned for the details of our progress for next weekend! =)

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