08 November, 2009

Remodel - Phase I (Flooring): Stud Removal

The goal for this weekend was two-fold: clean up the rest of the Halloween decorations, and remove the studs from the kitchen/office wall. We moved the cabinets from that wall (again) - they're sitting in the living room now. In order to take the uppers down, we had to empty them out. So all the dishes are currently in stacks on the table. At least they're organized (somewhat) and easily accessible. We're not planning on doing any more entertaining until the remodel is done so as long as we can get to everything, I don't suppose it matters much where it is.

Greg did all the stud removal. I helped with cleanup - getting the boards moved outside, picking up nails, and vacuuming. It didn't take as long as I anticipated. In fact, Greg intended to do more, but the weekend kind of got away from us. He'll probably be doing more during the week, but most of my participation is relegated to weekends.

I think the next part involves moving the power - I banged my head on the light switch a couple times as I was picking up debris. Now that there's no wall, the power's in an awkward spot. Moving power involves tearing up more things. The floor for one, and maybe some of the ceiling too. Once the power's in its new home, it'll be time to re-frame the walls in the new layout.

Side note: I thought that by starting with the flooring, we'd be breaking the overall project into smaller, more manageable chunks. Turns out, the flooring is the last thing you lay down before finishing a room. It makes sense, now that Greg's explained it to me, but I hadn't thought of it that way before. Got to put the wall(s) in, sheetrock, texture, paint, and *then* lay the floor. Otherwise, the floor goes in early then you spend lots of time trying to keep the new floor nice while you're doing the dirty work for other parts of the room. So by the time we get the flooring laid, practically the only part of the remodel left will be the cabinets. Huh.

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