25 October, 2009

Remodel - Phase I (Flooring): Removing the Stove

Day Two of demolition this weekend is to do a little more wall work and take out the fireplace. Sounds easy enough. We're getting pretty good at destroying walls - too bad it's always harder to create than destroy. But demolition is a nice way to release tension and frustration! =)

Taking the fireplace out was a joint effort. The chimney tubing (whatever that's called) is actually pretty heavy - I know that now, since it bounced off my head when we were taking it down. Hadn't really thought of it before, but it's got insulation - which makes sense, since you wouldn't want hot air & flames going up a metal tube that's sitting inside a sheetrock wall surrounded by wood studs. Too bad we weren't filming for U-Tube or America's Funniest Videos, but (you'll be glad to know) it appears my noggin is fairly thick.

From there, it's just a matter of getting the fireplace on the dolly and locked in place. I think we may have dented it a bit on the side from the last step down, but since we're not planning on re-using it, I don't suppose that matters. I'm just glad I didn't have to be part of the crew taking it down a flight of stairs.

Greg had to get on the roof to finish (for now) the fireplace job. Need to make sure we're not going to be getting water down the stack that's not connected to anything anymore. We do have a small drip from the pipe that's in the attic - but since the last few days have been clear (and COLD), I'm thinking it's condensation. I'm not sure if we're leaving the rest of the pipe in and just putting in new sheetrock for the ceiling? Or if taking out the rest of it is for a different part of the project. I leave those kinds of things up to Greg - I know enough to know what I'm supposed to do and how I can help. There will be some days where my best help is to stay out of the way (and make sure there's plenty of food & beverages). I'm okay with that.

I do fine at cleanup crew, which isn't glamorous or fun but it's still important. Kind of like the filing in an office. Not fun; pay is lousy; but oh so necessary to keeping track of those important documents; and surprisingly satisfying when complete. =)

We had to put some cabinets back up (drilled right to the studs - I kind of like the look, although I'm glad it's not permanent). We're having a Halloween party next weekend. Need to have at least some of the storage space back so the kitchen is fully functional for a large get-together. I'm looking forward to seeing how the extra space works out for seating and having lots of bodies moving around, even if it's just bare plywood right now.

Next step is to take the studs out of the kitchen/office wall and frame in the new layout (including making the new closet in the office/bedroom). But for now, our work here is done.

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