25 October, 2009

Remodel - Phase I (Flooring): More Demo

This weekend we spent more time doing demolition. Step 2 of the demo - the wall between the kitchen and the office. Which means that what didn't get boxed up and shoved into the spare bedroom (downstairs) is currently taking up space in the middle of the living room, and covered by a not-so-fine layer of dust and de-construction debris.

Have to start with pre-work pictures, right? All the speckles and fuzziness in the pictures is because of dust in the air. If I use the flash because it's a little dark inside, it looks like it's snowing. If I don't use the flash, it looks a bit grainy. That's what I get for using my little point-and-shoot instead of the fancy-pants camera. So I'll just deal. =)

Saturday morning, I woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs, and coffee... Ah, sweet nirvana! Apparently Greg had been up for quite a while, and James was already over. I made it out of bed and upstairs in time to get a couple pieces of bacon and a cup o' joe before they started dismantling the kitchen.

Cabinets and cupboards have to come out before we can take the wall down. Makes perfect sense. Also had to turn the water off in the kitchen so we could detach the hose from the fridge. (Have I mentioned that I *love* the ice maker & water dispenser in our refridgerator? Well, I do!) Nita & Todd came over just in time to help remove the last of the cabinets, and Nita made the first hole in the wall. Another one bites the dust... yay!

From there, it was rather like an assembly line. Lots of ripping down, followed by breaking into smaller chunks and shoving in the trash bags. When the bags are full enough, move them to the deck & start the process over again.

Not sure how many bags of trash we took to the dump, but it filled two truck beds (debris was from last weekend and Saturday - we have a couple more bags already from work we did today). It's nice that we had a free dump pass from this spring. Sure came in handy this weekend!! All this was done in a few hours on Saturday, with more demolition on Sunday. Throw in a zombie bout of roller derby, and it makes for a packed weekend... Whew!

Many, many thanks to the extra hands that have helped us tear things down and move things out - it's *greatly* appreciated!!

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