10 October, 2009


It's Friday night, after a hectic day at work... the end of long week. What to do to celebrate?

Why, it's time to go support my friend Stacy at the BizBee. And what is that, you might ask? It's a fundraiser for literacy, where businesses put together teams to participate in a spelling bee. Stacy tried hard to get me on the team this year, but I was lucky to get to the event only 10 minutes late. (I *hate* parking down town. Even after business hours it seems like there's no place to park.)

In lieu of helping with the spelling, James, Greg, & I were part of the support crew. (Pictures are courtesy of Greg's fancy-pants camera, since I left mine home again...) Fortunately, some of the other people at our table brought props to help us get in the mood. And because we were loud and rowdy (is there another way to be at a spelling bee?!?), our table got the spirit award.

My favorite word was "pangolin" (which Stacy spelled correctly - way to go!!). Apparently it's a toothless, scaly mammal that looks like an artichoke. According to Wikipedia here: "The pangolin is often compared to a walking pine cone or globe artichoke." Is that cool or what? I told Stacy that maybe next year I'll be a speller instead of a cheerer. Who knows... maybe I'll get rich and famous based on my mad spelling skilz... Nah! =)

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