22 September, 2009

Sara's Visit

It seems like just last weekend we were visiting with Sara. Oh, wait! We were!! =) She got in Thursday night, and leaves me on Tuesday. A short visit, but it's better than nothing!! Unfortunately, I came down with a cold while she was here. But she was kind enough to be content to just hang with me at the house, for the most part. (Greg was gone over the weekend - he took a trip to Fairbanks to photograph the first roller derby bout of the season.)

We did make an excursion to Heath's, to celebrate her 30th birthday on Sunday - yay, party!! We also had people over for dinner on Monday. Other than that, we mostly spent our time together visiting at the house. Though I did make her special request for dinner (to make sure she knew I'm glad she's here), and promised that next trip we'll go to Bear's Tooth for dinner and a movie... =)

All too quickly, the weekend is over and I have to take Sara to the airport. It's always sad to see any of my family leave, but it's especially hard this time. No more visits until next Spring - which seems so far away right now (and I have to endure the winter first). I'll just have to keep the memories close, and look at smaller chunks of time. The Halloween party is coming up in a few weeks. I'll focus on that first... =)

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