29 August, 2009

Whirlwind Visit

It was quick - much too short for my tastes - but Jeannea finished up her summer in Silly Dilly and stopped to visit me on the way South. It was a busy, busy summer for her - and not much time before she had to be back to work in Seattle. Add in a trip to Utah to see mom and friends, and there's only a couple days to visit me.

We made as much of our time as possible. Visiting into the wee hours on Sunday night when she got in; dinner at Moose's Tooth on Monday; some relaxing on Tuesday; dinner with friends at the house on Wednesday; off to the airport on Thursday.

Because I'm a dork and didn't think of it, I didn't get the group picture until lots of the party-ers had already gone home. It was short, but it was absolutely *lovely* to have Jeannea here for a few days. And it's nice to think that she'll be back - not until around April of next year, but she'll be back... =)

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