20 August, 2009

Farewell to Sheri

Three weeks has gone by amazingly fast. I knew it would. It's been so nice to have this time with Sheri. I'm glad she had to come up for work; I'm glad it was in the midst of a lovely summer; and I'm glad we were able to do as many things as we did while she was here!
For her last night, we decided to have a barbeque at the house - with her special request that we have a fire in the fire pit. Yay!
It was a lucky day... Friday was cloudy and rainy. I just wanted to have a nice evening for the get-together, and we were blessed. Not sunny but not rainy either, and it was nice enough throughout the day that the deck was dry. (After everyone went home - around midnight or so - it started raining again, which was also good as it ensured the embers were out.)
We had a nice morning - met James & Stacy for a leisurely breakfast at Cafe Amsterdam, then the girls went to the nail studio to get pedicures. My feet are very ticklish, but I endure because I love having my toes painted bright colors and the leg massage... Ah, sweet pampering... =)
From there, we did some grocery shopping so we had food for the Event, then headed home so Sheri could pack and I could make sure the house was semi-presentable for company. Haven't been cleaning much this summer since it's been so nice - that can wait for the winter when I'm holed up in the house - but company dictates that *some* cleaning get done... =)
We had a pleasant, relaxing evening sitting around the fire visiting. Almost as good as camping! =) I spent the day consciously *not* thinking about Sunday morning, when I had to take Sheri to breakfast and then leave her at the airport so she could go home and get on with life there.
Don't cry, Sheri! Actually, she was rubbing smoke out of her eyes. But it looks like she's crying and her hands make a little heart. Love you too, Sista!! I didn't shed any tears until after I left her at the airport - then I went home, had a little pity party and took a long nap.

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