10 July, 2009

My Friend Blueberry

The weather has been great this summer! Pretty warm for the last couple of weeks, and no rain. Much, much different than last summer... and I *love* it!! It looks like the smokey haze that has covered the sky is finally clearing out too.

To enjoy the good weather (and get in a little exercise), we went up to Flattop. The parking lot for Flattop actually feeds a large number of trails into the park (Chugach). Normally there are fantastic views of town (particularly downtown) and the inlet. Because of the haze, none of my scenic pictures turned out - but I got a good one of the sun. The picture below was taken at 10pm on the 8th of July (as we finished our walk).

I try not to think about it, but I'm already mourning the loss of sunlight and the coming winter...

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