07 June, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Fun

Today was absolutely *gorgeous*!! Warm & sunny (I even turned on the A/C in the car - that doesn't happen very often for me!), it was the perfect day to have people over for a get-together. I can only hope that the rest of the summer has more days like this in store for me...
The Girls

The Boys

We were going to play a game (Killer Bunnies was high on the list), but it was so nice outside that we had to move the party outdoors. So we opted to play Bocce Ball. Seems that our lawn has some subtle hills and valleys that make for an interesting playing field. Let's just say that I am *not* overly skilled at this sport, but I was able to score a couple points so I didn't disappoint my team. And I couldn't be too down about anything, since I was standing in the sun with my friends & family on a lovely Sunday afternoon...

Hanging Basket

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Janet said...

Love, Love, Love it and I'm a tad bit green with envy!