13 June, 2009

In Celebration of...

Aunt Carol
Mom Morgan

Today was the annual Alaska Run (& Walk) for Women, in support of breast cancer awareness and women's health. I've done this for several years now. Normally, I wear a sign in celebration of Aunt Carol, who is a breast cancer survivor. This year I added another name - Mom Morgan, who is also a survivor. Thankfully, I don't have anyone to put on an "In Memory of..." sign.

Last year is documented here - according to my post there were about 4500 participants, and I heard this year they had almost 5500 sign up. Once again, it was amazing to see so many people out in support of something - a cause, survivors, those passed on. We started mid-way through the 5-mile un-timed pack - the 1-milers and runners had already gone. Even then, there were hordes of people.
Middle of the Pack


Looking Back

Today was a great day for the walk - cloudy, but not rainy, with a bit of a breeze to dry the sweat. It's a five mile trek that goes through the middle of downtown, then out to the coastal trail. Along the way, we passed a pianist, a Scottish band, and a violin/guitar duo. Additionally, we saw the train, and had great views of the inlet. If I'd waited just two minutes to take the picture of the boat, it would've had a big airplane over it. =)
Scottish Band


Boat in the Inlet

After the walk, we headed over to Moose's Tooth to have lunch and celebrate some more. All in all, it was a great experience.

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