17 June, 2009

Family Connection

Last night I got to meet a new cousin. Well, he's not new per se, but I hadn't ever met Larry before - he's a cousin on Greg's side from Oregon. He's in town traveling for work, and got in touch to see if he could hook up with Greg. I *love* getting together with family - and getting to know new family too!

Greg played tour-giude for the afternoon by taking Larry to hike Flattop. Definitely not for the faint-of-heart, but apparently the views were great last night.

I met them at Moose's Tooth for dinner and visiting. Mmmmm... pizza.... We spent a very enjoyable evening getting acquainted (in my case) and reacquainted (for Greg & Larry, since it's been about 15 years since they've seen each other).

Next time we're in Seattle, we'll have to give Larry some notice to see if he can make it up to visit... or maybe just plan a trip to the Oregon coast. I hear it's really pretty down there... =)

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