06 June, 2009

Another Run

Earlier this week, Greg found out about another run and decided to enter. Skinny Raven's Twilight 12k. Skinny Raven is a sports shop downtown that sells great shoes. At least, that's what I know them for... since I've purchased at least three pairs of Dansko's from them. They also have running shoes and other sports gear, but I *do* love my shoes. =)

I hooked up with Greg & Jeff before the race to wish them well. This is probably the longest race that Greg's done yet. Without doing the actual math for conversion, my guess is that 12k is approximately 7-8 miles. (This is based on the assumption that 5k is just over 3 miles, so 10k is over 6 miles, and 2k is a bit over a mile...)

After the start of the race, I had about an hour to kill before it was time to be at the finish. So I called my sister, Sheri - and we chatted for the whole time. So here I was, wandering around downtown (and watching people fly kites) while I was talking on the cell phone. I busted my second pair of plug-in earphones for my cell. Let me tell you... holding that little phone to you ear for an hour or so can cause cramping in the arms. I really do need to invest in a bluetooth headset.

I was too slow getting my camera out to get a picture of Jeff finishing the race. He was about 6 minutes earlier than Greg. I did have the camera ready (and managed to actually get most of Greg *in* the shot) to get Greg as he kicked it to the end. His time ended up being 1:15, finishing 171st. Just another step on the road to the marathon... Way to go!!

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