02 May, 2009

Before & After

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous for the past week, and today was no exception. I was on my own for the day, and decided I just couldn't spend it sitting inside. But what to do? I decided that I'd rake the lawn. Get in a little exercise (in the form of manual labor), spend the day in the sun, and get rid of the leaves in the back yard. A sure sign that Spring is finally here - yay!!

Raking is dirty work. I mean, normally it's dirty - but when you add in moose poop and volcanic ash, it's even dirtier. But it was nice to be out in the sun, and there was a lovely breeze to cool my sweaty brow (and blow the ash away). The yard doesn't look all that big in pictures - or looking down on it from the deck. But I swear it grows when you get down into it - especially if it's for raking. Just like the driveway grows when there's shoveling to be done. Anyhow. It took me about an hour to get the leaves piled up. I know Greg will be jealous, so I saved the bagging for him to help me with. =)

Under all the leaves and dirt, I found buds in our perennial flower bed. This means I'd better start thinking about my flower pots and the annual flower bed up front...

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