10 May, 2009

Mighty Fine Views

Another fabulous weekend - yay! I participated in the Amblin' for Alzheimer's fund raising walk yesterday. A sunny morning, with a bit of a breeze - I don't think you can get better weather. It was a nice walk, and we even encountered wildlife along the way.
Moose a few feet off the trail

I've never been to Kincaid Park for more than a few minutes - mostly to pick up Greg or drop him off as he's off on another adventure (geocaching, bike riding, etc.). I've heard it's a great place to do lots of different things, and yesterday proved it's great for walking. The trail was wide and paved, relatively easy - although the uphill parts were more of a challenge for me.
Display of bones

When we finished the walk, we explored a little of the area around the chalet (which I recognized from one of the legs of the Amazing Race a few seasons ago - where they're in Alaska and have to go snowshoing). I'm not sure why they have the bones display at one of the lookouts, but it's pretty cool. And a fantastic view of Sleeping Lady. (I left this picture at full resolution, so if you click on it, you'll get a better view.) You can see that we don't have leaves on the trees yet. What doesn't really show in the picture is that we do have buds - the Green Tree Haze is in full bloom. I expect that in about a week or so, we'll have full green... yay!!
Sleeping Lady

After the walk, we had lunch at Moose's Tooth, saw the movie Wolverine, I took a nap, had dinner, and went to see a concert: Louden Wainwright III and Hot Tuna. A very eventful - and fun - day. Today is more relaxed, but nice too. I'm going to call my mom to wish her Happy Mother's Day and chat for a while, and we'll be taking Greg's mom out to dinner. A lovely way to finish out the weekend...

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