26 April, 2009

Saturday Stroll

Greg & I participated in the Anchorage Heart Run yesterday. Greg did the run, and finished in time to do the course again - this time walking with me. While we were waiting for the start of his race (runners started 30 minutes before the un-timed portion of the race), I noticed that people were hanging gear anywhere they could before the run. Got a picture of one of the "coat trees" around the area. =)

I tried to take a picture as he was crossing the finish line, but my camera was too slow to turn on and get the shot - so I ended up with a picture of random people and the time, which was 9 seconds after he crossed the line. He finished the 5k (3+ miles) in 29:01. It's the first "official" time he has, and he'll use it as a baseline for the rest of his marathon training. (The Mayor's Marathon is in June.) Someone else took a great shot as he crossed the finish line - it's now his Facebook profile picture.

The weather was nice. Particularly, it was NOT rainy or snowy - which was what was predicted earlier in the week. It was rather chilly so I kept my jacket on, but that just made it so I didn't overheat as the walk commenced. There were several thousand participants - it was fun to see all the people out on a nice Saturday morning, supporting healthy hearts.

As we walked the course, there were entertainment stations at various points. A school band playing music in one spot, and belly dancers at another.

Second walk of the season down. I just spent a little time online looking up dates for the other walks to get them on my calendar. There's the Anchorage Visitors Industry Graze (where you walk to different feeding stations - yay!) on May 1st; the March of Dimes walk on May 16th; the Alaska Run for Women (in support of Breast Cancer - I do this one for Aunt Carol, and this year I'll be adding Greg's mom as a survivor) on June 13th; the Walk to Whittier on June 14th; and the Light the Night walk (love you M!) on September 11th. I'm sure there are loads more walks scheduled throughout the summer, those are just the ones I've done in the past.

Let the walking commence!! =)

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