18 April, 2009

MS Walk = Beginning of Spring?

Jeannea is here for a few days before she heads out to Dillingham for the summer. We've done lots of visiting, and today we took her along for the annual MS Walk. I love when it gets to be "walk season" in Alaska. That means that we're heading into the Spring/Summer months - the best part of the year!

It's a chance to get some exercise that's not at the gym, which is much more enjoyable. It's also a chance to get together with people that I don't see all that often and chat as we make our way around the course. Today was a *lovely* day - considering that it's still April, there's snow on the ground, and Lake Hood was still icy on top. But the sun was shining, there wasn't much wind, and we had good company.
One of our walkers
Taking a break
Greg ran the course (twice) instead of walking - still prepping for his marathon run - so he's not in the group picture, as he wasn't quite done yet. Next weekend is the Heart Run (I'll be walking), and soon we have the March of Dimes walk and the Women's Run. There are more - just about one every weekend from now until September sometime - but those are the ones I've done & can remember. Yay walking! Yay Spring!

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