26 April, 2009

Time to Ride

James has been great about helping us with some of our big house projects (like building the shed - see here, here, & here for the recap). In trade for the already done projects and potential help when we get around to remodeling the kitchen, we offered up my non-working motorcycle (that we've had for several years now, and I've never had a chance to ride). Sounds like a lame deal, right? Apparently it was okay to him, as he accepted (and it was *great* for me, since I got out of the grunt work ;) ). The cycle has been in the shed (that he helped build) over the winter, but the boyos pulled it out this weekend to see what needed to happen to make it run...

Looks like it went pretty smoothly - they were able to get the garage cleaned out (at least enough to work on the bike) yesterday, and after some puttering and wrenching and whatever else happens when you work on bikes, I heard deep rumbling from the Man Domain.

Since Greg is the only one of the three of us that has recent experience riding, we made him take it out for the first spin. But then, since it's James's new toy, we figured it'd be nice if he could go for a spin too. So we found extra riding gear, got him set up, and away they went. Now Greg will have a riding buddy... =)

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