04 April, 2009

Black Violin

Yesterday was a great day! Fridays are always good, since it means the end of the work week and the beginning of two whole days where I can plan my own activities. This usually means sleeping in, probably some cleaning (bleh - not fun, but necessary), some playing on the computer, maybe some shopping... you get the idea. I'm master of my own time for two whole days. Yay!

Got a little sidetracked there... anyhow - yesterday was great because it was Friday. Also good because Sara's coming to visit for a bit before she heads to Valdez for the summer. ALSO good because Greg's taking me to an Event to celebrate our anniversary. It's a day early as the anniversary is actually on Saturday. He got us tickets to Black Violin - a group of three young men that do interesting things with music. Two play violin/viola while the DJ mixes it up. It's super high energy, and just cool how they mix classical music and hip-hop beats - or hip new music is redone on strings with classical influences.

The pictures I took didn't turn out very well... but I suppose that's okay, since we weren't supposed to be taking pictures anyway. I was like a sheep... "everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't I?!?" At least I turned the flash off, so I didn't potentially blind them. (Apparently that also helps the camera to NOT focus on the top of the head in the row in front of you - as I noticed the gal in front of us trying to take pictures, but what showed on her screen was the back of the seats/heads in the next row up...) Greg got seats up front - this is the closest I've been to the stage *ever*, and it was fantastic!! Apparently they were front-row seats when the tickets went on sale, but the venue added a couple rows later where the orchestra pit would be. Still the best seats I've had at an event, and it was *loads* of fun! More like a rock concert than a violin performance... =)

The group comes from public school education & training, and focuses on youth - letting them know that with hard work and perseverance you can do anything. A really positive message and nice that some quality entertainment is giving back to community. I checked out their web site - they're playing at Everette Community College in Seattle, WA tomorrow, and at Utah State University on Tuesday. Anybody close should really consider getting tickets - definitely two thumbs up for the show, it's worth it!!

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