06 April, 2009


I've been griping because it's April already and we haven't even broken 40 degrees. I mean, come on already! Give a girl a bone! It's not like I'm asking for 80 and sandy beaches... I just want a little warmth. In the spirit of anticipating Spring (and keeping our sanity), we decided to get ready - or at least get our feet ready for sandal weather. Pedicures, here we come!! =)

Sara, Stacy & I started the day by going to breakfast, then headed to the salon. Had to kill a little time, since they weren't open until noon, but it was *totally* worth it!

My last pedicure was in September. All the color from my big toes had grown out, except a thin sliver at the top. The scrubbing tickles and it's hard to keep from twitching my feet. But the massaging is just *lovely* and I do feel a little more patient as I wait for Spring... Can you guess which color goes for which person? I love the little flowers - they're so... happy. =)

We spent the afternoon doing a bit of cleaning so we could have guests over for dinner & game night. Sara was super helpful, vacuuming & doing dishes. She even vacuumed the stairs, which looks like it might be a dangerous occupation...

Looks like there were a couple hats laying around... Thanks, Sara, for staying safe and helping out!! =)

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