08 March, 2009

Picture in Picture

Greg submitted several of his pictures to the Fur Rondy Photo Contest. Since yesterday was the last day on display, I figured I'd better head down to check them out. He won second in the color/sports, and three of his photos were Selected For Exhibition. I took pictures of his pictures to post on my blog.
They aren't nearly as nice as looking at the real deal. Mostly because they're shrink-wrapped, so when I took the shot the flash is reflected in the picture. Or if I didn't have the flash on, they're a bit grainy (in some of them I could see my reflection).
I tried to make sure to get the label that has his name on it. And I didn't compress the pictures, so if you click on them you'll get the full size. I'm going to see if I can get the prize winning picture in digital form to post, so you can see more than my flash and a pale echo.
Side note: We might be officially crazy up here. Maybe something to do with the cold and dark? I mean, people dress in costume to run a 5k, they run with reindeer, they race outhouses, they plunge into frigid water for fun, and there's a fur bikini contest. Don't believe me? Check out the photos (courtesy of the Anchorage Daily News) here.

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