09 January, 2009

Zion - Day Two (01/04)

We had breakfast as a group (except mom, who wasn't feeling well), then went back to the rooms to look at some of the pictures Greg has been taking before mom & Dave took off for home. Greg started the show at the beginning, but it would've taken a couple hours to get to the Zion pics, so he skipped directly to Zion and started again from there. We watched photos for about an hour, when the slide show crapped out for some reason. But we'd only made it through part of the hiking we'd done the day before. Greg has taken lots & lots of pictures. He's going to clean them up, then make a DVD that we're going to send to each of the family. A souvenir of the vacation - it'll be lovely!

Sara & I dropped Greg at a hike and then headed into town to do some shopping in Springdale. It's a quaint little town with lots of artsy shops. We found an internet cafe and were supposed to get coordinates for earth caches, but I couldn't figure out how to get the laptop to see the cafe's network access. Later, Greg showed me there's the equivalent of an on/off switch on the laptop. Who knew? =) But Sara & I found lots of pretty baubles before we had to head back into the park to pick Greg up. Once we were all together again, Greg opted not to do yet another hike, and instead went back into town with us to do more shopping.

We had a nice dinner at Wildcat Willie's and Greg got some really good shots of sunset. After our leisurely dinner, we went back to the internet cafe so Greg could get the coordinates he was looking for. It was a wonderful, relaxed day.

On tap for tomorrow: Check out; touring Bryce & Red Rock Canyons; heading to SLC to crash at M's place before flying out on Tuesday.

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