07 January, 2009

New Year's Day

New Year's Day was a laid-back, relaxed, spend-time-with-the-family day. It was one of the few days we actually slept in a little bit. And since the next day we were checking out and heading down to Zion National Park, we took a little tour of the town (Lehi). It's a quaint little place - home of the Lehi Roller Mills (which make *awesome* muffin mixes, hosted the dance in Foot Loose, and contains a geocache).

From there, we decided to get lunch so we stopped at Marley's House of Harley. There's not much variety on the menu - you're pretty much stuck with lots of variations of mini-burgers - but they're good and the atmosphere is fun. You can look right into the workshop and store for Harley - but no one was there this day. For one of his burgers, Greg tried a fried hot dog - it sounds crazy, but it was really tasty!

At the house, it was so laid back that Greg & Sara took a snoozer on the couch before we sat down to play another round of Killer Bunnies. We had lots of fun decimating the bunny circle with black holes, the ebola virus, and a miriad of other weapons. BTW: You can't win (even if you have a carrot) if you don't have a bunny in play when the last carrot leaves the market - your carrots are given away to someone who does have a bunny. I didn't win - but I had a lot of fun playing!

The whole evening was good. Amy & Mom made lemon pies - then Dave made meringue for the first time ever... I think it turned out pretty good for his first time - seeing as he didn't even bother to look up a recipe or anything. =)

On tap for tomorrow: We're checking out of the hotel and heading down to Zion National Park.

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