09 January, 2009

Heading Home - Day One (01/05)

The ultimate goal for today's journey is to get to M's place so we can sleep for a bit before we return the rental car and get on an airplane. But before we get there, there's *loads* to see. We opted to go a different route through the canyon for the return trip, so we could see more of the scenery. Additionally, this will take us close to Red Rock Canyon & Bryce Canyon - where we'll detour to take in even more.

An arch - has the rock fallen away from the top of the arch (making it taller) or from the back of the rock (making it deeper)?

A hoodoo - the rock on top (like the helmet) is harder than
the rock in the spire, so it will eventually collapse

Greg climbing rocks

Sara, with her eyes wide open =)

An arch in Red Rock Canyon

Signs like these are all over Bryce

A cool tree and a Hawaiian snowman

I think Bryce Canyon is even more amazing than Zion. When I asked Greg why we didn't go to Bryce for the weekend instead, he mentioned a lack of facilities and that because it's at a higher altitude it's colder. I must admit that the temps were lower and the wind chill kept me from looking at a couple of the views.

I just love the colors!

We left the canyons around 5pm, but getting home was slow going. Encountered a snow storm, so we didn't travel over 40mph for quite a while. Even when we made it to the interstate we didn't get to take advantage of the high speed limits, as conditions weren't great. Oh well. We made it to M's around midnight - safe & sound.

On tap for tomorrow: Spending the day in Seattle with Holly & co.; final leg home.

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