08 December, 2008

Festival Fun

One of the ways you know it's getting close to Christmas is the number of festivals & bazaars that are advertised around town.

It's always nice to go shopping with someone else - that way you have someone to chat with, get ideas from, or just to help pass the time. After the 3G get-together, some of us attended one of the bazaars downtown. There's a new convention center in Anchorage (the Dena'ina Center - pronounced de-nine-ah), and this was the first time I've been there. Parking isn't great (but it's downtown - parking is never great there), but the design and structure were very pretty. And there were plenty of wares to browse. This was my 1st official "Shopping for Christmas" trip. Found some stuff, but have a ways to go yet...

The girls finished our shopping before the boys even made it to the second level. So we took a break and chatted while enjoying the view of the city. After a while, we decided food was in order, so we left for a close restaurant to wait for the boys there.

So the first Christmas shopping venture is a success, the new convention center is lovely, and I had a *fantastic* time visiting with Stacy. May the rest of the holiday season be so successful!!

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