30 December, 2008

Family Fun - Eve of New Year's Eve

We started the day with breakfast a Mimi's Cafe. We don't have one back home, but we've already been to this one. Last time we were down, we ate here with Grandma, Dad & Aunt Anna - ah, fond memories. =)

From there, we headed to the house to connect with whomever was available. It was a pleasant day - I played on the computer and with my new Nintendo DS while Greg went shopping, then picked up Jeannea to do some geocaching. They went to the car wash to get the $100 Supreme wash for a dollar from the gas station down the road - which ended up being free because it wouldn't take coins or dollar bills.

For the evening entertainment, we pulled out mom's new game: Killer Bunnies. It's got lots of rules, but seems like it can be loads of fun. I didn't have any carrots, but I did have three bunnies - and one of my bunnies was lucky... We didn't finish because we went to the 10pm showing of The Spirit - so we'll be playing another round on New Year's Day.

On tap for tomorrow: car fixing with Aaron; lunch with Brian & Julie; First Night in downtown Salt Lake City. It's going to be a busy one!! =)

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