25 December, 2008

Christmas Fun

Christmas Eve we spent with friends at Todd & Anita's house. It was a great evening! We had lots of food and did the visiting and gift exchange things. We also continued the tradition of putting up the luminarias - another beautiful display. The holidays are always a time when I feel especially blessed with friends that are like family. This year is no different - although it's even better because we'll be visiting my family shortly.

Christmas day was very relaxing. We slept in - Greg got up earlier than I did, but we both slept later than normal. Ahhhhh! Then we enjoyed the Christmas bread we got from Greg's mom - yummy! - and opened presents. We played with the new gifts & gadgets for a while, then went to a movie. It's *crazy* at the movies on Christmas Day! I had to drop Greg off at the doors to get tickets and then be that annoying parking vulture to get a spot. We barely got settled before the movie started. We saw Australia - it's a *great* movie, but it's very long so make sure you go to the restroom beforehand and don't drink lots of soda during the show. ;-)

We'll be celebrating Christmas for a while yet, as we're heading Outside to see family. There's an extended family get-together, and lots of immediate family events - including the gift exchange. I'm looking forward to the trip! I wish for you the feelings of contentment, happiness, and love that I feel right now... Merry Christmas!

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