19 November, 2008

3G Sunday

One can never speak enough of the virtues, the dangers, the power of shared laughter. --Francoise Sagan

I'm totally bummed that I forgot to get a picture from the previous week. At least I got one last Sunday - even if I'm posting a bit late. Nita took the best picture of the bunch. Our philosophical question of the day: You're going to an event and are picking up tickets for friends. (The tickets are comp tix, and the event is highly anticipated by your friends.) You have the option to get seats by you, or get potentially better seats. Without being able to contact your friend, which would you choose for him or her? And if you were on the other end, which would you prefer to have - better seats, or seats by friends?

Seems that my buds and I all agree - sitting with friends is more valuable than better seats. Whew! I picked right... =) What about you?

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Stacy Byas said...

Yep, you picked right :-) Had fun again this past Sunday!