26 October, 2008

Halloween Haunting

We opted to have our annual Halloween Bash on the 25th instead of the 31st. That way it's on a Saturday - more time for prepping, don't have to worry about work, etc. It's fun to see how creative people can be with the costumes.

I never have good ideas, and this year had to rely on the "grab bag" for mine... a bright pink boa, feathered indian headdress, and bowtie that was supposed to flash but the batteries died. (I missed a couple people when I was taking pix - myself included.) Maybe next year I'll come up with something fun...

Greg picked up an astronaut jumpsuit while we were in sunny Florida, visiting the Space Center. It would've been *really* cool if we'd had a helmet for him. =)

It was great to have friends over, have a chance to visit, eat yummy food, and visit some more. I always look forward to this shindig. =) It's a bit like the "last hurrah" before we really settle in for winter. (I know that's not "officially" until December but since day-time temps are in the 20's, I'm thinking winter is here already.)

I missed having Sara here to help prep and party with - she's in Seattle for the winter (yay Sara! boo Penny!)... maybe next year. =)

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