04 October, 2008

Fall Visits

I've been looking forward to Sara visiting for... practically all summer! She normally stops in the end of September and stays through the beginning of November. We visit a lot, shop, cook, clean (for the Party), and she comes to our Halloween party. (We've even done some quilting classes in previous years - but I still haven't finished my projects like Sara has.) Unfortunately for me, she had to leave early this year - I got barely a week with her. And didn't take pictures like I would have if I'd realized our time was so short.

While Sara was here, Jeannea came up on her way to King Cove, so we got a long weekend with her. Sara left while Jeannea was still visiting, and now Jeannea is gone too - so I'm sister-less. Until sometime in November, when Jeannea comes back through. And Sara has promised to spend a bit more time with me on her way up to Valdez next Spring.

While they were here, we got in some good visiting, some shopping, a girl's lunch, a get-together at the house, a movie or two, some gym-time (go, Sara!), and lots of hugs. I think I'd go crazy if I didn't know some of my sibs were going to be stopping in throughout the year to visit. They ALL know that if they're up this way, they'd better add in as much time as they can for a visit with me... and I LOVE it! Even if it's just long enough to collect them from the airport, grab something to eat, and take them back. That's loads better than knowing they were through and not getting a chance to spend some time and collect some hugs! But mostly, they add in a couple days so we get even more precious time. Yay!
Girl's Lunch

The Three of Us

Winter is going to be long and cold. It's Alaska - that's just the way it is. But at least I have some memories and a couple pictures - and the promise of more visits!! =)

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