12 September, 2008

Whirlwind Visit

Jeannea finally finished her summer work in Silly Dilly (Dillingham) and stopped in to visit on her way to WA. It was a short visit - she came in on Friday the 22nd, and headed out on Saturday the 23rd. I was a little bummed that we didn't get more time together, but she promised to make it up to me on her stop over (when she's heading out to King Cove - should be in just a couple weeks now...)

The reason we didn't get much time is that she decided to collect her car (Wilbur, as I named him) and drive down to Seattle. A friend from work was going with her, and they had to be in town by a certain time. I'm glad she had someone to make the long trip with - it's loads more fun (not to mention safer) to do a long road trip with someone... (Hol, remember Smashed-in-Heads-Buffalo-Jump?!? And other events best not published on the internet... ;) )

Because Jeannea was taking Wilbur, we needed to get another vehicle. A great deal practically fell in our laps, just before the deadline...

They're practically twins! Mine is older and has more miles; Wilbur has the off road and tow packages; mine has running boards; Wilbur has stereo controls on the steering wheel (man, I miss that!!) a compass in the rear view mirror, and a better stereo; they both have cracked windshields (Jen - you need to let me know what it'll cost to fix and I'll send you the $$). Everything else is just about the same - even the color. Haven't named the new one yet. Jeannea didn't even know that I picked her up from the airport in the "new" car instead of hers, until we got to the house and Wilbur was already there... =)

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