18 September, 2008

Stack 'n Slash

It's Baby Time!! Not for me, of course. For a friend of ours. I've made lots of baby quilts - primarily the Trip Around the World pattern (examples here). This time, I wanted to try something new, but easy - since we didn't have a whole lot of time before the shower. I'm great at procrastinating...

We picked the Stack 'n Slash quilt. Basically, you take 10" squares of a bunch of different fabrics, stack them up, cut them, rotate the top of one side to the bottom, then sew them back together.

Repeat that process two more times, then trim the squares to 8" and sew together. Next add the border. Then layer the backing, batting, and top and sew together. A little top stitching, and voila!

Nita did all the sewing, and I did the cutting and ironing. Teamwork! A nice bonus is that you can hardly tell (unless you look really hard) where I wasn't paying attention and didn't trim the squares up right (I blame it on America's Got Talent). Could have been a real problem with another pattern, but it turned out fine for this one.

The entire process took about a week of evenings. There's another baby due soon - I think I'm going to do this one again, but change some of the angles of the cuts to see how it comes out. Should go a little quicker, since we've got some experience.

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