20 September, 2008

Growing Things

Our neighbor is new (he moved in this past Spring), and he works in construction over the summer - which means he is really busy. I don't think he mowed the lawn at all this summer. As I was on the deck this fall, I noticed that he has some extra growth.
Rain Gutter Baby Trees

Since we don't have rain gutters (yet - it's in the plan for the future, when we paint the house), I never thought about it. Apparently we're going to have to clean things out so we don't get little trees...
Climbing Chickweed

This particular weed (I know it as chickweed) is very prolific - it'll take root anywhere and crowd out whatever is growing. I didn't realize it also grows like ivy - here, it's climbing the stairs to the neighbor's deck. Fortunately the fence and some Weed Be Gone kept most of it out of our lawn...

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