16 September, 2008

Fair Time Again

I would like Fall better, if Summer hadn't been so cold & rainy. It also is the harbinger of Winter, which lasts entirely too long and is cold and snowy. Sometimes I think I live in the wrong place. But thoughts of Winter were far away a couple weeks ago, when we went to the Alaska State Fair. We happened to get good weather, and spent an enjoyable day eating (fresh donuts), visiting, eating (freshly battered corn dog and fried pickle chips), seeing the sights, and eating (cotton candy, corn on the cob, fresh kettle corn, funnel cakes, fresh pretzel (the frozen ones just don't compare), and having fun.

We spent the morning wandering around and doing some geocaching. Spent time in the exhibits looking at the beautiful quilts and art work. Then, when the dogs were barkin', we took a break to rest for a bit.

Stacy & I decided to visit the face painting booth while the boys ran around getting more caches. We also visited the animals and got to see cute baby pigs and a pygmy goat (it's so tiny!).

As always, the veggies are a huge draw. Most of the big ones weren't out yet - we would have had to come the next weekend, after they were weighed and judged. But there were a couple fine specimens to see. I've never seen a Giant Puffball before...

And there are always loads of gorgeous flowers. I really like the floral depiction of the state flag - and (of course) sunflowers are a huge draw for me.

So, another fair has come and gone. The leaves are falling and Winter is fast approaching. At least I have some fun pictures to ease the disappointment that Summer is gone...

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