13 August, 2008

Brother Dave

Last week Dave came to visit - wahoo!! He's been in Dillingham working for the summer, and he stopped in on his way back home so we could spend some time together. It was a short visit - he came in Monday afternoon and left Wednesday evening - but anything is better than nothing!! Summer was good for him. He's starting school this month to get trained for something other than truck driving (I think he's going to work on drafting/CAD or something like that) - so he was able to save up a bit of money and lost weight to boot. Way to go, Dave!

His last day here, Vanessa & Jessica came through and we were able to hook up for dinner & a movie at the Bear Tooth. It's so cool to eat dinner right in the theater!

I was really glad that we had a chance to spend some time together. Since he's not driving the Big Rigs anymore, he won't be up this way on a regular basis. He'll probably be back up next year to work for the summer, so I'll have visits twice (coming & going) next summer. And after that is just too far away to worry about. Good luck on your studies, Dave - we're rooting for you!!

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