15 June, 2008

Run for Women

I participated in the Alaska Run for Women again this year. It's an annual event to help raise money for a cure for breast cancer. Turnout was a little lower than in previous years - but still quite a crowd. I think part of that had to do with the weather - it was drizzling mostly, but we walked through a downpour at one point...

There were approximately 4500 participants - runners and walkers, timed and untimed. It's inspiring to see so many people (mostly women) gathered together in support of a cause. Many were there as supporters of people they know that have conquered (me) or succumbed, in addition to the many, many women that are surviving the condition.

Along the route, there were also all kinds of supporters that weren't walking or running. There was a pianist, a scottish band, folks on a balcony with a sign saying "Thanks for walking!", and loads of people just cheering us on.

Lots of people created costumes. My favorite was one of the few participating men. He was dressed all in pink (including painting his shaved head and pink knee socks with white polka dots), and his shirt said "I'm here for the boobs". I heard that he told his office he'd dress all in pink if they raised $1000 for the cause...
photo submitted to ADN by Jamie Kennedy

I was participating in part for the exercise - it's a five mile course - but each step was in support of Aunt Carol, a survivor. Way to go, Auntie!!

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