14 May, 2008

Shopping Spree Tuesday

It seems that I've been spending the first part of my day... sleeping in. =) Since I'm not meeting anyone and don't have a particular schedule to keep, that works fine for me. It's been a little disconcerting for the hotel staff - they keep trying to clean the room around 9am (when I'm still in bed), and again around 11am (I'm still there, but usually dressed and lounging around by then).

Yesterday was a day for shopping. Monday I located one of the outlet malls, so Tuesday was time to see what's there. On my list of things to get: new sunglasses, clothes for work, and new sandals that hopefully won't kill my feel when we're wandering around Universal on Saturday. Oh - and anything else that catches my eye. =)

I did lunch at the mall - thinking it'd be close so I could get shopping as soon as I was done, and they'd have something unique to try. I got as unique as A&W... but I don't go there at home, and I had the corndog bites. They were good, but could have been better if they were jalapeƱo cheese corndog bites. And I had the fountain rootbeer - it'd be a shame to go to A&W and have a Diet Coke... =) Today's lunch will be someplace truly unique - at least, not in Alaska.

I found most of what I was looking for - which means that while I *can* go shopping today, there's not lots of motivation to go. I'm not sure what I'll do, but I have to get out and about - at least for lunch...
An M&M Vending Machine

In addition to the "list" items, I went looking for a beverage - and found a fudge shop. Free samples... Yum! So I got one slice - and then they told me that if I bought another, I'd get a third free. What am I going to do with my three slices of fudge?!? Hopefully Chad & Angie like maple nut, dark chocolate w/ nuts, or rocky road fudge... =)
Todd's Shop - I didn't go in
since it was men's clothing

I took my booty back to the hotel, and decided to finish reading my travel book: Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. I know several people who've read the book and really enjoyed it. I have to say it was very entertaining, and I'll be picking up the sequels sometime. My next travel book is The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini. I saw the previews and thought it'd be a very interesting movie - so when Greg found the book at the airport book shop, I figured it would work for travel entertainment.

And then it was time for the evening entertainment. Tonight, the conference was hosting a John Mayer concert. This also included dinner, Cirque USA performances (jugglers, contortionists, aerial performances, a cube spinner, fire jugglers, and more), a band (Mechanical Soul), and a DJ (Soul Kitchen). The room was set up almost like a lounge area - very relaxed - with huge displays to show what was happening on stage (or the dance floor, where most of the Cirque performances happened), but most people gravitated towards the live performance, so there was always a wall of people wherever things were happening. It was still an amazing night of performances.
Mechanical Soul

Igor the Cube Spinner

Stilt Walker

John Mayer
(picture by Vicki - thanks!!)

It was an enjoyable evening. I met some of the people that Greg is attending the conference with. Vicki braved the crowds to get us some great pictures of John Mayer. Eric was disappointed that no one was going to be tasered (because John Mayer music is just not conducive to taser-deserving behavior), and Paul performed the dyslexic version of YMCA. Plus, the DJ at the end was fantastic! The dance floor was packed and he kept the crowd enthralled - which meant there were plenty of people for me to watch. =)
The Fun Group: Paul, Greg, & Vicki
(Eric was called away before I could get the picture)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Penny!
Looks like the rest of your Orlando vacation was really good - glad to hear that. It was great meeting you and hanging out at all the fun WES activities.

Can you tell me which outlet mall you would recommend in Orlando? We will be hitting that area soon, and I know you had checked out all the shopping in that area.

Can't wait to get all those great pictures from the WES party.

Keep in touch.