16 May, 2008

Shopping Again on Thursday

Yesterday was a laid-back, lazy day. I made it to Bennigan's for lunch - the food was good and it had a nice atmosphere. I had their signature chicken salad, a spicy cheese dip w/ chips, and a blackberry lemonade. Very tasty! From there, the outlet mall...

This whole week makes it seem like I'm an avid shopper, when in reality I usually go shopping with a list and get in & out as quickly as possible. I'm just about shopped out! This outlet mall has some of the same stores, some new. Didn't find the Crocs I was looking for, but got a book from the Borders outlet store - our discount number even works in Florida! =) I think I looked around for 45 minutes, then was done. I took my new book to a sunny corner of the world and read until Greg was ready to be picked up.

From there, we headed to dinner. Another new place for both of us: Red Lobster. They had some of the best biscuits I've ever had!! Light & fluffy, with some kind of seasoning.... I had a shrimp, chicken, & scallop combo that was delicious! And Greg had lobster, shrimp & scallops. We were too full to try the key lime pie - Greg says it's really good here in Florida, so we're going to make an effort to get some before we head home.
Lego Tourists (probably shopping)

The rest of the evening was spent at Disney Downtown. It's kind of crazy there! They have shops, eateries, and clubs. As we were leaving (at around 11pm) the clubs were just gearing up. We (of course) did more shopping - I've shopped more this week than I normally do in a month back home. But we found some fun things. There's a Lego store that has all kinds of amazing things to buy, cool displays, and even people showing how to build things (we watched a guy put together a "stone" skull for a pyramid display). And outside, there were other huge displays done by the "master builders". Most of my pictures didn't turn out because it was too dark to get good ones. I especially liked the sea serpent that wound in & out of the water, but I couldn't get a good photo. Oh well.
Fighter Dude in the Lego store

Lego T-Rex
(complete with moving head)

We also spent some time watching a glass shaper make a dragon figurine. Cool - and amazing to realize how much work goes into those things. They didn't have anything I liked featuring Grumpy. Oh well. A stop by the Ghirardelli store for some fine chocolate made for a nice interlude. Then more shopping as we headed back towards the car.
Fixing a crack in the dragon's neck

Today's agenda: get in a workout, do some laundry, read & relax (NO shopping) until Chad & Angie get here, then hang out with them (maybe shop for my Crocs). Greg gets done by 5pm at the latest, so we'll all be hooked up then...

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