10 May, 2008

Saturday in Sunny Floriday

Today we didn't plan a particular adventure. Just figured we'd recuperate from travelling and see if we couldn't get the lay of the land a bit. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel - and after, found the first cache for the day. Did some more caching, then went to find the hotel. We were still a little early, but they let us check in anyway. Which was nice for me, since I was in long sleeves & jeans. We changed into shorts and a new top for me, then headed out again.
Wildlife while on Walk-About
Little Parks Everywhere
Caching by the Palms
One of the big differences I've noticed is the little parks, green areas, and water features that are everywhere in this environment. I realize it's because it's more tropical here, but it's still enchanting to me. Some of the trees are absolutely gargantuan - and they've been growing for hundreds of years. In fact, one tree we saw had branches big enough to be individual trees. Those branches have grown up, then bent & touched the earth, and become roots for additional new branches & leaves. Absolutely amazing!
200+ year old tree, whose branches are also roots
There was a Flash Mob event (another geocaching thing) that Greg wanted to hit, so we headed out that way. Took a nice walk and found a few more caches, then headed out again. Another area for caches - and then I was hungry. Thanks to the maps in Greg's GPS, we found an Olive Garden that was just around the corner. That served us for lunch/dinner - and then we headed out again. Yup. More caching. We spent some time in the Orlando Loch Haven Park. I think it's associated with a university or school - but we got to see some nice artwork.
Art Sculptures at Loch Haven Park
Flash Mob Event
It was a long day. I am a bit sunburned, my legs are a little swollen (always happens when I travel - I expect it'll be better tomorrow), I was swarmed by ants and now my ankles itch, and most of the day I was a sweating puddle of goo. But it was still enjoyable. I'm looking forward to relaxing for the rest of the evening, then getting back to the adventures tomorrow: Epcot Center, here we come!! =)

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