12 May, 2008

Mother's Day Meander

Yesterday was a long but enjoyable day. We were up early - at least earlier than normal for me on a weekend day. Up by about 7:30am, dressed and headed down to breakfast. The hotel here has a really good breakfast buffet - my favorite part is the Mickey waffle maker. Yummy - and cool! =)
Spaceship Earth
We didn't make it to Epcot right as it opened (9am), but we were there shortly after. And the fun (and walking) begins. If you're going expecting lots of rides, Epcot will be disappointing. But if you're going for interesting exhibits, activities (especially for the kids!!), and food you'll be highly satisfied. Since we went on Mother's Day, they gave out carnations to the moms and adjusted some of the skits - we watched a street skit about Queen Arthur and the Holy Grail that was very entertaining. =)
The Seas with Nemo & Friends
We started in the section called Future World - it opens and closes earlier than the other section, the World Showcase. Although we spent a little more time in line that I would have liked, most of the lines were indoors (read: air conditioned) and had lots of things to see while we were waiting. The longest wait for a ride was about 45 minutes for Soarin', but it was a fantastic ride and I'm glad we did it (altho I wouldn't wait in line to do it twice). We saw ourselves in the future, rode the test track, and went under the sea. It's absolutely amazing to think of how many people Disney employs. Not only the parking guys, ticket takers, and shop sellers, but the marine biologists, and scientists - and let's not forget the landscapers and fireworks guys too...
Peter Pan Play Area
We waited to eat lunch until we got to the World Showcase. When we talked to Chad, he said the last time they were there, they tried to eat at each world location. Sounded like a worthy goal... unfortunately, that meant I didn't get lunch until around 4pm - which means I was getting a little cranky. My fault, as there were plenty of places to grab some food or snacks to tide me over until the real deal. Once I took the edge off, the wait was worth it! We started in Canada, but didn't eat there. We ate first in the UK - fish & chips. In France, we had pastries (three of them - we were a bit greedy and didn't pace ourselves well); Morocco was a falafel wrap; skipped Japan, America, and Italy since we were really full; ate again in Germany: brat w/ sauerkraut & a pretzel; and just visited (no food) China, Norway, & Mexico. It was late and we only had an hour left by the time we got to China, so we wandered through the rest without worrying about trying the "local" fare. There were also a couple adventures that we missed because there just wasn't enough time. It was a great adventure!
O Canada!
Norwegian Troll
The finale was the fireworks over the lake - what an amazing display! By the time we were done, I had to hobble back to the car - I didn't wear the best shoes for a day full of walking and standing - but it was a great day. To top it off, we were able to call both our moms when we got back to the hotel. One of the benefits for being in an early time zone is that we could wait to call until after 11pm and it wasn't waking anyone up or seem like an emergency. =)
On tap for today: shopping. Greg starts his conferencing today, so I'll be doing some shopping and then we'll hook up for dinner.

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