12 May, 2008

Lazy Day

Today was Greg's first day at the conference he's here to attend. So he had to get up early, and I think he missed lunch. (But they made up for it by serving free dinner...) I, on the other hand, continued on my vacation. In some ways, it was like being home *and* on vacation - the best of both worlds. No, I did not feel my cats sleeping at my knees... but I did sleep in until around 10am - like home, since on holiday we're running around seeing & doing things, but like vacation because I don't get to sleep in until 10am on a weekday (unless I forgot to set my alarm...).

By the time I was finally ready to leave the room, it was past lunch. The first thing I did was make sure I knew how to find the convention center, since I was meeting Greg there for dinner. After that, I was looking for some outlet malls that are supposed to be around here - I figured they'd have some food joints nearby... I ended up getting a bit lost. I usually try to eat local food when I'm traveling - something we don't have at home. Lunch was McDonald's today, but I justified that because I went to the coolest Mickey D's I've ever seen. It was either right next to or inside the Disney compound, which might explain some of the features. The outside was 3-D; the inside has one wall that's almost entirely TV screens where they're playing Mickey Mouse shows; above the condiments and by the soda is a revolving Mickey Mouse hand that's pouring a bottle of cola; the floor has a McDonald's timeline; the ceiling is decorated with all kinds of black & white pictures of Disney & McDonald's related things. It was crazy! I'm guessing that Mickey D's & Mickey Mouse have some kind of relationship, since they sell nuggets & french fries inside the park - they don't have the official arches, but the packaging and the food is there.

After lunch, I got un-lost - at least in the sense that I knew my location. Still hadn't found the outlet stores. When I finally pulled into a Walgreen's to get some supplies (I only forgot a couple things at home... like my hair pick!), I asked for directions. Turns out that at least one set of outlet malls is on the other side of my hotel. I hadn't been down that road, but it's easy to get to! So I headed out that way, and what did I find? A place that sells sunglasses (which is on my list of things to get) and a day spa. The clincher for the spa was a sign that said foot massage. Oh, my poor dawgs have been barkin'!! So I treated myself to a pedicure - and today's special was a free manicure with the purchase of a hot rocks pedicure. My feet love me now. =) And my nails are pretty too. (Don't you just love the hotel carpet?!?)

I was late to meet Greg (for a good cause!), but got to the convention center by about 6:30pm. Called to let him know I was on my way, was there, was waiting, was waiting, was waiting... I figured he couldn't hear his phone because of the noise, but eventually he'd wonder where I was at and call me... And I decided I'd wait about 45 minutes, then head out to get my own dinner. Just under the time limit, he called and we finally hooked up. Since this portion ended at 8pm, that gave me about 45 minutes to wander around with him and grab some food. I've never been to a convention, and this one is a no-holds-barred kind. This was the "meet & greet" dinner - so there were booths everywhere, food everywhere, and even entertainment. There was a band playing Jimmy Buffet at one end, African drummers, a stilt walker, and of course the patrons.

Now I'm going to read some and relax before I pick Greg up at midnight. He'll be starting early again tomorrow, poor guy. I, on the other hand, will be sleeping in, then shopping, then hooking up with him to go to a John Mayer concert put on by this convention. No-holds-barred. It should be another fun day!!

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