15 May, 2008

House of Blues Wednesday

Wednesday was pretty laid back - until the evening, when we went to Disney's House of Blues. Wahoo!! I spent the day primarily (ok, entirely) at the hotel. Not necessarily in the room, but on the premises. Since I was determined to go somewhere not available in Alaska for lunch, I hit the Village Marketplace (owned by the hotel). I took the puzzle section from the complimentary newspaper we've been getting so I could sit in the sun, eat, & do puzzles. The food was just fine - but expensive... it was $20 for lunch, for just me. I had a chicken sandwich, onion rings, and a slushee. Crazy!! Today, I'm definitely going off-site for lunch. I've already picked the place: Bennigan's (because it's close to a Wal-green's, and I need to get some dental floss).

Greg got done a bit early, so I picked him up. He wanted to get out in the sunshine and away from the convention center - and we had an hour to kill until tonight's entertainment. So we went caching - got two more - and back to the hotel for a bit.

As previously mentioned, the entertainment for tonight was at the House of Blues - a concert by Hootie & the Blowfish. YES!! Including the two concerts I've been to this week, that makes a total of 7 that I've been to in my lifetime. I have to say that the last two, so far, have been the best - although Blues Traveler was pretty good too (especially once we got to sit for a while).
At the Hootie Show
(thanks for the pic Vicki!)

We hooked up with Vicki again - Paul & Eric attended different events. We were bussed over from the convention center, so we didn't have to worry about transportation or parking (or getting back after). Food and beverages were provided on site, so once we arrived and scored seats, we started taking turns hitting the food tables. Once again, the food was delicious. And we continued to make merry while the music flowed and we had a great time! We tried to call Brian & Heather, but couldn't hear enough over the music to let them know we were on the line - left a loud, noisy message on Heather's cell, and Brian hung up on us. =)

All in all, the evening was *fantastic*! The icing on the cake was learning that I'd get my very own Blackberry Pearl, just for attending the concert. Sweet!! Greg got one too (in addition to another Blackberry of a different type that he won earlier in the week), but it's a different color. Looks like we'll be a Blackberry family...

On tap for today: Chad mentioned some really comfortable sandals made by Croc - I'm going to see if I can find them. Also found another outlet mall (thanks, Eric!) that I think I'll check out. There is no convention sponsored dinner or entertainment tonight, so Greg & I will be on our own... =)

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