21 May, 2008

Home Again

So we spent almost all the day Tuesday traveling. But before we hit the road, Angie filled us up with some wonderful french toast - breakfast on the lanai again... just lovely! We visited just a bit and said our farewells before we hit the road.

It took just about three hours to drive back to Orlando, where we filled up & returned the car and got checked in at the airport with just a bit of time to spare. The flight was 4-1/2 hours to SLC - and it was just my luck that I was in front of someone with long legs (who made sure to groan real loud when I first reclined my seat), so I kept my seat in the upright position for the entire trip. If you think sleeping on an airplane is uncomfortable, try being in the middle seat, fully upright. Oh well. At least I have the ability to fly - otherwise a trip to sunny Florida would be out of the question!!

We were supposed to have an hour between flights, but by the time we landed, deplaned, and got to our next gate they were already boarding. Greg got us some snack mix food for dinner - but it turns out they gave us food on this flight. Like, a sandwich & chips - not just the snack mix or peanuts we've been getting on the other flights. Don't know what was different, I just know I was really hungry and the sandwich hit the spot. It also helped that I was able to recline my seat this leg (another 4-1/2 hour flight).

The cats definitely missed us. =) And it's good to be home. As far as vacations go, this was one of the best - particularly because we got to visit with Chad & Angie (and Abby!!). It was lovely to spend time with such soul-beautiful people. I've got my fingers crossed that we can do it again next year!! =)

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