10 May, 2008

Flordia Trip - Travel

We're in Sunny Florida - as of this morning at 7am (3am AK time). I was late leaving work yesterday and had most of my packing yet to do, but we made the flight with plenty of time. I snagged a little lunch while I was working - good thing, because dinner was a bit sparce. Greg had an ice cream sandwich and a chocolate bar. I supplemented the plane food (below) with cheddar & peanut butter crackers, nibs, and chocolate covered peanuts. =)
All the bags made the trip - wahoo! And we met Billy at the airport to transfer some fish. One leg of the journey completed successfully. Yay!
After we collected the bags, we got our rental car and headed out. First stop - breakfast! Directly after breakfast? The first cache. We got 15 of them today. Could have done more, but I'm still learning to work the equipment.

I've got lots of pictures from today - but I'll put them in the next post. Suffice it to say we're here, we're safe, we're staying busy... On tap for tomorrow: Epcot Center.

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