16 May, 2008

Family Dinner Night - Friday

I spent most of the day doing domestic things... sleeping in, working out, doing laundry, etc. All in preparation for the arrival of Chad & Angie - the part of this vacation that I've been looking forward to the most. Wahoo!! Today was also the last day of Greg's conference, so now it's Play Time. =)

Turns out the laundry was pretty much a waste of an hour and a half. According to hotel rules, I'm not supposed to leave my laundry unattended. So I took the paper to read and do puzzles while I was waiting. The machines have automatic soap dispensers, just have to pay $2 to wash and another $2 for 30 minutes of dry time. I didn't figure out until I finished one dry cycle that the soap dispenser was probably out - mostly because my sweaty workout shirt still smelled like sweat - wet, then warm air-dried sweat, but definitely not clean. And of course the first 30 minutes didn't dry them, so I had to fork over another $2 and wait another 30 minutes before I was free to take my dirty clean clothes back to the room. Nice...

Anyway, we hooked up with Chad & Co. right after I picked Greg up, and came back to the hotel room where we got to show off some of the swag Greg has collected and the souvenirs we've accumulated. Abby tried on Greg's new hat - almost looks cuter on her than on Greg. =)

We opted for Cuban cuisine for dinner - a very local flair. Thanks to GPS's, we found Bob Marley's Tribute to Freedom, in the Universal park. We'll be back tomorrow for the rides and more fun, but tonight was dinner with family. Ahhhh. The food was good, but it was particularly satisfying to visit. Everyone had something different for dinner and we all shared. I had a jerk chicken dish, Chad had Jamaican curry chicken, Angie had mango chicken with habanero, and Greg had curry lamb with potatoes & vegetables. Very tasty!! Abby liked the strawberries from dessert (chocolate mango cake with a caramel drizzle), but we accidentally fed her something spicy and she didn't appreciate that at all!

On tap for tomorrow: Univeral, baby! We're meeting Chad, Angie & Abby around 8am, grabbing food, and heading to the park (which doesn't close until 8pm)... A long day of fun in the sun!!

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