26 April, 2008

April Showers May Bring Flowers?

After a week of absolutely gorgeous weather - sunshine and in the 50's for the most part - we were warned that we were in for some rain, and maybe some snow. An unfortunate forecast, since the Heart Run was this weekend. Greg was signed up to run, and I signed up to walk. I was looking forward to the walking - for exercise, and because I was going to walk with a group of friends.

The Run was canceled. Too much snow - creating safety concerns, since runners & walkers wouldn't be able to see the terrain and might twist an ankle or fall. So we didn't get any rain - it was all wet, heavy snow. I didn't measure, but I got some good pictures.

If I still had my Geo Metro, I would've had to leave it at work for the weekend. By 5:30pm, the snow was deeper than the floorboard of the Geo. Thank goodness I have a taller car now - and I'm extremely grateful for 4-wheel drive. We burrowed in for the evening - watching movies and the snow. Glad I didn't have to do any more running around than what I already did. =)

Most of the snow will be gone within a day or two. Then I hope we're done with it for the summer!! Makes me wonder how Dillingham & Valdez are faring...??

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Rosa said...

Wow that's a lot of snow for April! I really like the picture here where the falling snowflakes catch the light, cool.