26 April, 2008

April Showers May Bring Flowers?

After a week of absolutely gorgeous weather - sunshine and in the 50's for the most part - we were warned that we were in for some rain, and maybe some snow. An unfortunate forecast, since the Heart Run was this weekend. Greg was signed up to run, and I signed up to walk. I was looking forward to the walking - for exercise, and because I was going to walk with a group of friends.

The Run was canceled. Too much snow - creating safety concerns, since runners & walkers wouldn't be able to see the terrain and might twist an ankle or fall. So we didn't get any rain - it was all wet, heavy snow. I didn't measure, but I got some good pictures.

If I still had my Geo Metro, I would've had to leave it at work for the weekend. By 5:30pm, the snow was deeper than the floorboard of the Geo. Thank goodness I have a taller car now - and I'm extremely grateful for 4-wheel drive. We burrowed in for the evening - watching movies and the snow. Glad I didn't have to do any more running around than what I already did. =)

Most of the snow will be gone within a day or two. Then I hope we're done with it for the summer!! Makes me wonder how Dillingham & Valdez are faring...??

24 April, 2008


I got a call last night from one of my college roommates. She's in town - can we get together? Of course!! I haven't seen my Homey for *years* now... in fact, the last time we got together was the last time she was in town for training. It's comforting to know that even though we don't communicate very often, we can still connect once in a while and it's as if we haven't been apart for more than 10 years. =)

I gave her the Christmas card that I hadn't mailed out yet (my deadline for the remaining ones is the end of May), and I got updated pictures of the kids. We spent a fantastic evening visiting and reconnecting. Someday I'll make it to Ketchikan for a visit...

05 April, 2008

M's Birthday

Last week was warming up - as Spring should. I mean, we were in the mid-40's during the day, and night stayed above freezing. It looked like we were well on our way to thawing... until this morning. More snow. And tonight it's below freezing, so the roads are icy. Oh well. It'll get warm eventually...

Today is also M's birthday - O Happy Day! She had to work, so ate her birthday cake yesterday. I had some ice cream for you yesterday, M! Sara & I went shopping today - and to prove that she was here (and to show the snow on M's birthday), I took some pictures.

It's lovely packing snow...